The General Meeting for the ELPSP&F on Wednesday the 6th of June 2018 at 7pm has been cancelled. Minutes of previous meetings are available in the Meetings section.

The Entertainment Book for 2018/19 is now available. It was such a success last year and an amazing fundraiser for our school we have decided to do it again. Please support us and buy your book or digital membership by clicking the link below.

Digital membership has many advantages over the book version. The P&F recommend the digital version.

The Launceston City Council have approved the development application for the Kinder Hub. Read more about the approval here. An appeal on the decision has been lodged with the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (RMPAT) by the Tasmanian Ratepayers Association. Read more about the appeal here.

The DoE have received formal confirmation that following mediation, an agreement between the parties has been accepted by RMPAT relating to the appeal on the Kinder Hub development application.

We can now share this information with you. In summary the agreement includes the following items:

  • The proposed carpark adjacent to the kindergarten be removed;
  • Spectator seating at the basketball court adjacent to the kindergarten of a like size to the existing seating that will be removed by the construction be provided;
  • Council to install signs to provide for a section of road in Oxford Street outside the school where parking will be restricted for the purpose of allowing school drop-offs;
  • A children's playground to be constructed of the like size and having similar play equipment to the existing playground which will be removed by the construction works; and
  • Provide reinforced safety fencing along Oxford Street boundary of the kindergarten to prevent cars from driving off the road in to the facility.

The Project Working Group (PWG) will meet as a priority to update the plans for the above items and to work on detailed documentation to proceed to tender as quickly as possible, noting that this will take several months.

The ELPSP&F Executive have created a Land Swap Information for Members document that answers many of the questions members may have about the Land Swap, to inform them of the details of the Land Swap, and provide an explanation of the reasons, benefits, impacts and risks to the P&F. Please take the time to read the document so you can be an informed member.

We hope to have a draft agreement from the DoE early in 2018. The Executive will then review it, seek advice on it, and continue negotiations with the DoE to get the best outcome for the P&F Association and the school.

This is a gentle reminder that dogs are not permitted on the oval or surrounds at any time (not just during school hours) either on or off-leash. The P&F have recently received a number of reports of people exercising their dogs on the oval. The reason for the ban on dogs is for health and safety issues, relating specifically to dog faeces. The school grounds-person currently has to clean up dog faeces before the school day because of people not cleaning up after their dogs. Even if you are doing the right thing by cleaning up after your dog, the signage around the oval clearly states that dogs are not permitted on the oval and surrounds and we ask that you exercise your dog at the authorised dog exercise areas. A link to a map of dog exercise areas in Launceston is available at

The P&F recommend that anyone volunteering at P&F events hold a Working with Vulnerable People (RWVP) card. You can apply for the volunteer registration by going to The cost is $18.36 for the volunteer only registration.